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Boo!? [Aug. 5th, 2009|01:45 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.

[mood |inquisitive]

Anyone still reading this and, more importantly, pondering any critiquing of each-others work again?

I have an urge to start writing again and I found this a great motivational tool (and very helpful on the feedback front, too).
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Website forthcoming [Jun. 21st, 2007|12:09 am]
Critistas El Doomo.

[mood |busy]
[music |Rhea's Obsession- Spill Elixir]

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, www.chaotikin.com will be up and working. Hopefully, any and all visitors will be able to click on thumbnails and see pretty art and pretty comic pages. As a bonus, you'll get to see the source of my green faery icon (because I know you were all losing sleep over that.)
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Advice wanted... [Aug. 19th, 2006|07:36 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

I was asking Mr RJ for advice on a poem I accidentally wrote (I don't ~do~ poetry, you see...) and he very kindly sent me this link and advised me to browse it for possible places to which I could submit it:


Unfortunately it has left me all lost and bewlidered - just looking at the menu list I see "paying" and "semi- and pro"... I mean, I always thought pro basically meant you got paid, but there's obviously some other definitions at play here of which I'm completely ignorant. And looking through the lists I just get hit by total information overload. It's not that I don;t get the abreviations or anything - I think I can decipher the code, but I'm not sure that means I ~understand~ it.

So I guess I'm really asking if people have any shortcuts, keywords or pitfalls they can share? Are there generic terms that have a far tighter meaning when you're approcahing this market? Beyond the initial "are they accepting submissions?", what would you look at as your next priority when working out where might be suited? Are there any terms and phrases that you've found instantly sound "Warning! Dodgy!" alarm bells? Are there forums you could recommend where this kind of advice is sat ready and waiting in the FAQ's?

I know nobody has a foolproof map - I'm just looking for advice on the "Don't eat the yellow snow" and "Avoid any dangling creepers with teeth and forked tongues" sort of level. I'm extremely new to all this, so nothing at all would be patronising.

(I know the standard advice is to read as many of the magazines on the list as possible to work out where's best to submit your own personal type of writing, but I can't afford to go out and get copies of ~everything~ right now, so I'm trying to narrow things down as much as possible first... somehow!)

I was going to email RJ back with this and say "I'm stupid, please help me!", but then I thought if I posted it as an open question on here, then anybody else who is wise in this kind of thing could offer whatever advice they have, and anyone like me that's a complete novice at submissions and stuff would also be able to benefit.

So, yes:

I'm stupid, Critistas, please help me!
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Eeedjiot. [Aug. 14th, 2006|10:00 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.

I (and I know this will shock those of you that know me well) am terribly disorganized and wont to get things wrong.

1) I think it should have been Zedda not Dibz who was up last time. This is easily remedied Zedda, you're up.

2) I was about to do list adding and subtracting but thought I should just double check first. Could everyone put there actual name and their LJ name under this post for me please?

3) I have not contacted new Critista yet. This is not because we don't like you it's because I am rubbish. Sorry about that, soon as I have the list straightened out I shall get things sorted.

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lo [Aug. 8th, 2006|10:39 am]
Critistas El Doomo.

Quick note.

I'm unavoidably busy today and tomorrow (stupid real life interfering with my internets...) so I'm afraid we will be having another week off this week. Probably better than someone just getting a half week for their story. I'll send out a new version of 'The List' later this week as it's changed somewhat and also the welcome email to our new Critista.

Sorry for being a bit useless. Hope you're all well.

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Leave of Absence [Aug. 7th, 2006|05:53 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.


Please sir,

Can Rhys be excused from critting as he has a poorly knee a headache hangnail his grandmother has just died he will be on holiday he's a fat lazy bastard.

I am off on Friday 11th and not back till 22nd.

If it's my turn then RJ has a draft jobby-wotsit he can send out to everyone.

Wish you were here, blah blah blah.
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Newbie... [Aug. 7th, 2006|07:33 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.
Hi, um, my name's Joanne and I just thought I'd say 'hi'.

I'm not entirely sure what to say, but where my writing's concerned, I'm a lover of fantasy/science-fiction and horror. I write a lot, but I'm a little too critical of my own work. One of my stories that I attempted ran to 168 pages before I scrapped it. When I started the same story again, I reached 240 pages before scrapping it a second time.

From that mistake, I learnt to plan out my novels.

Um, so, yeah. Hi again and I look forward to being a part of this community!
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Submitted for your approval [Jul. 31st, 2006|02:02 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.

[mood |nervous]

Okay, so that is the first chapter of my as yet untitiled 'thing' sent to you all for consideration.

Let me know if any of you don't have it and I'll try resending.

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Tada [Aug. 1st, 2006|11:40 am]
Critistas El Doomo.

Dibz, you're up!

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Critique away! [Jul. 26th, 2006|09:56 pm]
Critistas El Doomo.

[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Velvet Revolver- Fall to Pieces]

First of all, my snake is giving me that hungry stare. Which means I'd better have a rat ready for her. Yes, I have a snake. She is very sweet, really. Just hungry.
So if everyone received my story intact (drop me an email at jciolek888@yahoo.com or comment if you didn't), feel free to begin the critiquing. (is that spelled right? who knows?) I'm not looking for anything in particular. Of course, the last time I had a piece of fiction critiqued was my creative writing class senior year of college. And that was... well, my teacher seemed to have a severe bias against "speculative fiction," meaning anything not about REAL ISSUES. Go fig. He also appeared to have a rather Freudian view of things, since he often wrote about the characters' sexual motivations in his responses. But that's a story for another day.
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